Proper Protocol For Leaving A Church

Perhaps you have been at your feel that it is time to leave. This article deals with the “protocol” for leaving your mystical teachings of jesus. The protocol is different if you are in ministry (lay or staff). If you are just a member and are not in ministry, then it is more of a … Read more

Are You Looking For A Christian Partner

who is jesus dating sites offer a valuable service to single Christian people who are looking for a partner. While they provide the same sort of user experience as generic dating websites, including the ability to search singles, chat and exchange messages, and in some cases video chat over a webcam, their membership is exclusively … Read more

Ways to Promote Your Book in March During Small Press Month

As anyone who’s courageously acim of self-publishing knows–or soon will–there’s much more involved in the process than simply sending your manuscript off to a printer, dropping off review copies at a handful of bookstores, and kicking back and waiting for the revenues to roll in. To the uninitiated author journeying alone, the critical decisions that … Read more

How the Teacher’s Schedule Can Improve Student Achievement

Elementary schools that still schedule students into self-contained classrooms could be depriving their students of a better non dual teachers in self-contained classrooms are not always the most qualified people to teach all four core subjects (literacy, social studies, math and science). In addition, teachers in self-contained classes are generally not confident in teaching all … Read more

Make Money With Podcasts

First, Internet users realized that they could a course in miracles popularity as a way to make money online. Podcasting can be a little more technical than blogging, so it is helpful to know exactly what podcasting is and how to do it before a person dives into making money with podcasting.  Podcasting has two … Read more