Proper Protocol For Leaving A Church

Perhaps you have been at your feel that it is time to leave. This article deals with the “protocol” for leaving your mystical teachings of jesus.

The protocol is different if you are in ministry (lay or staff). If you are just a member and are not in ministry, then it is more of a straightforward process.

Just what do I mean by “protocol”? Well, it all comes down to the Bible’s definition of what the church is. You see, when you become a member of a church, you actually come under a “covering”. This is in the form of a “prayer covering” and as such, you should never leave a church without several steps. I will explain these.

Firstly, the Lord has you at that church for a reason and you are covered by the folks that pray for the entire church, hence the “prayer covering”. Secondly, without the “release” of the Lord, you are to stay at that church. Now here is the process:

1) If you feel that you are to leave the church, there are certain things that are to be confirmed

a) Ask the Lord in prayer

Pray constantly ans ask the Lord if you are really supposed to be leaving the church. You and everyone in your family who is going to be leaving should pray.

b) Listen for His answer

Too often, we ignore the Lord’s “still small voice” thinking it is just our “flesh” talkin’

c) Throw out a fleece

In Judges 6:36-40, is the story of Gideon and his request to God. Read this to understand the protocol. The fleece is a “sign” from God that “confirms” a prayer request. You might pray like this” God if you want us to leave this church then:
____________. When you fill in the blank with what you want God to do to confirm the leading. If the fleece comes back “positive” then that is a sign God is saying “yes” to your request. If it comes back negative, then that is a possible “no”. Always put a “time element” in the fleece so you will know that it is God.
Many times we are so anxious to hear from God, we forget to be patient and wait for Him. If you notice, Gideon threw out the fleece twice and both times it was confirmed and it was different each time!

d) Beware of false leading

The enemy is constantly trying to throw a wrench into the works of our lives by lying to us about our life situations. If he can get us to leave a church that is primed and ready for revival, then he will do whatever accomplishes that in the lives of the believers.

Ok, suppose that you have gotten God’s confirmation that you are to leave the church. What now? Well, here is where it takes things into the physical realm.

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