Averting Cheap Phones Disasters, How To Solve The 10 Most Common Problems

The issue of media files and codecs is a particularly murky one. Just because a cheap mobile phone has a MP3 Player it doesn’t mean that it will play MP3 files and very few cheap phones’ MP4 players actually play MP4 files.It should be standard dragon303 procedure for you to include all the media files and formats used by cheap phones in the listing. This will tell customers which files and formats don’t work with it.Ask the customer what file they are using and that will allow you to establish if it is compatible with the phone or not.And if it is not there are a number of programs and sites that will help them convert the file to something that will work.

Unfortunately phone software is very selective on what phones it works on. What works on one brand of cheap mobile might not work on another.The one solution to this problem is to test out a range of apps and programs on the phones that you are selling and then offer it as a download, or as a SD card that is already included with the phone.While it’s disconcerting to see a phone set up in a different language it is not impossible to get it into a language that is easier to understand.

The settings menu often has an icon that looks like some cogs from a clock, or a screwdriver and hammer.They should click on that then go to the fourth menu down which is normally ‘phone setup’ then the third menu which is traditionally ‘language’.

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