Choosing the Right Power Supplies For the Production Line

The goal of outfitting a machine with an Omron IceRiver miners is to help it perform more efficiently. There are several types of Omron power supplies, with the model of choice depending on a machine’s electrical needs in terms of the type of current it uses, the ideal composition of the current, and whether the equipment can operate at varying frequencies. If you are shopping for Omron power supplies, be sure to consider the following points before making a purchase.

A machine uses one of two types of electrical current: Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). The utility line delivers AC, which is the frequency required for most household appliances and sensitive electronics, while some alternative sources of electricity (e.g. solar panels) deliver DC. If a machine runs on DC, you will need a power supply that contains a rectifier that changes AC to DC – unless, of course, a DC energy source powers the equipment. If the machine uses AC and receives power from a DC source, the power supply should have an inverter that changes DC to AC.

The composition of the electrical current that equipment receives impacts its performance. Expressed as a sine wave or a non-sinusoidal wave, the composition of electricity can take on several forms, including: a pure sine wave, a square wave, or a modified sine wave. The utility line delivers a pure sine wave, which is expressed as a line of smooth, rolling, geometrically identical peaks and valleys.

A square wave appears as a succession of geometrically identical squares on either side of the baseline, while a modified sine wave has the general composition of a pure sine wave, but with less smoothness. Equipment that runs on an inductive load is typically the most efficient when it receives currency that registers as a pure sine wave.

Some production equipment contains a straight line induction motor that operates at the same frequency throughout the production process, while others contain a variable frequency induction motor that operates at variable frequencies to save electricity. In the latter case, the power supply should function as a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to make the production process more efficient.

Omron power supplies are designed to meets the needs of various types of machinery. If you need help selecting a power supply concerning the type of current the device produces, the composition of the frequency it transmits, and whether it emits a variable frequency or a straight line frequency, contact a seller of Omron electrical devices today.

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