Dealing With Architects and Engineers

One of the biggest problems I have with top residential architects in Miami and engineers, is the fact that most of them perceive contractors as problem creators, not problem solvers. On most of the projects I worked on, I was the one solving most of the problems and it didn’t take long for the engineers and architects to catch on.

I knew what I was talking about and most of the time, I was the one providing them with solutions to their problems. Yes, that’s right, I’m patting myself on the back here. This was often embarrassing for them, whenever we were surrounded by other professionals. I wasn’t interested in embarrassing anyone, I would usually talk to these people in private, unless I knew them.

If you’re having problems working with architects and engineers, you might need to feed their egos. I’ve worked with quite a few who needed their egos fed often. I even had one structural engineer tell me what to do on my job. I asked him as nice as I possibly could,” Remember who’s paying your bills, you’re working for me, I’m not working for you.”

That was the last job I use that structural engineer on, and he went out of his way to delay any corrections that I needed, for the rest of the job. I would have been better off, making him feel more important than putting him in his place. I was the one who got penalized, because someone else needed to feel important. Don’t let this happen to you, this particular structural engineer cost me a lot of money.

Be careful working with architects and engineers, because they can create construction problems and delays. If you do find yourself having problems with an architect or engineer, you might need to replace them, if you have the power to do so. If you don’t, remember that the few kind words usually go a long way.

You’re the best architect in the world. I don’t think anybody could have done a better job than you did. I just wanted to call you and tell you, how much I appreciate you sending us the building correction, in a timely manner. How about some tickets to Friday nights basketball game. Great contractors know how to motivate other people.

Here’s an additional heads up for any contractors looking for more work. Engineers and architects can provide you with a lifetime supply of customers. I worked for one architect for one year, without working for anyone else.

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