Hong Kong the City (Outlying Islands – Lamma & Sharp)

Family Island has within its area a number of islands of which one has so much attractions for tourist and local people that should not be missed,that island is called Lantau Island.

Firstly we will go to the other islands to see what is on offer and would it be worth a visit.The islands I am going to cover in this article are Lamma and Sharp islands.


This island can be reached by ferry from Central pier Hong Kong and is situated on the west of Hong Kong. There you will not find a public vehicle of any description the only vehicles on the island are at the power station and that is where they stay.

Most of the residents live on the north of the island in Yung Shue Wan,the main street being just a path. Restaurants and shops on the waterfront and the restaurant serves a very good meal, I ate there and got a very good seafood meal at a very reasonable price.

Hiking across the island is not that difficult a walk and the views you get of Lantau and Hong Kong islands and the surrounding area is wonderful.

Sok Kwu Wan another village with shop selling organic veggie foods and cheese and mushroom on toast and homemade vegetarian pate.

Passing Hung Shing Yeh is a organic farm and they sell organic tea and the list is long of the different selection of tea. The beach here is very popular, I don’t know why because your neighbor is the power station, at least that’s what I thought but it really doesn’t get in the way and yes it is a nice beach. Another beach at Lo So Shing is also very good and these beaches are in the control of lifeguards that are stationed there.Along the coast we have the Japanese hide outs where it is said that they ran fast Kamikaze boats at the shipping in the mouth of the Pearl river.

This really is a very pleasant island and you are made to feel welcomed when on the island,so don’t stay in the city get a ferry and have a really good day out.


Sharp island is a country park with seven inlets within the northwest and northeast of the island.This island is known to be one of the best places for snorkeling with the water cleaner here than most other beaches in Hong Kong. Coral and beautiful fish of all colors are within easy reach in the local waters, being warm as well as clean. There are also birds of prey on the island and they are the White Bellied Sea Eagle, I really do hope you catch sight of these birds flying overhead because they are beautiful birds, flying looks effortless.

There are three beaches on Sharp island they are at Hap Mun Bay and two at Kiu Tsui and there are lifeguards on duty at all the beaches.

Low tide will enable you to walk across the Tombolo to Kiu Tau and you should be able to find shells and pieces of coral (but down get caught by the tide) plus some wonderful views of the surrounding area.There is a trail around the island I would say is not easy, challenging is the words I would use. There once was an amusement park on the island but alas it has closed and is in ruins, but good to explore.

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