How To Choose An e-Book Reader

Choosing an acim bookstore Reader can be a difficult decision with so many different types on the market and many factors to consider. If you decide to buy one for yourself you will need to understand the important characteristics of a good e-Book reader to ensure you choose one which meets your needs.

Here we’ll look into some of the key features which you should consider when choosing an e-Book Reader.

Screen Types

There are three types of e-Book Reader displays available. Choose one which best fits your personal needs.

LCD (TFT) Display – LCD Displays have color screens which feature back-lighting. Unlike with e-Ink screens which only display in black and white, you can enjoy viewing photo’s in full color whilst reading books. The fact this screen type uses back-lighting makes it ideal for reading in darker conditions.

On the downside, e-Book readers with this screen type consume a lot of power so the battery needs recharging more regularly than with an e-Ink screen.

Touch screen – A touch screen provides more intuitive navigation whilst using your e-Reader than physical buttons do. There are 3 types of touch screens available.

A resistive touch screen uses two plastic screens which identify a location when touched. These are improved over old PDA phones, but not as effective as capacitive type screens.

Capacitive types are the type of display found in the Apple iPad. They provide color and display images plus videos and are excellent for touch screens.

Infrared screens utilize sensors which detect your touch with great accuracy. They are usually easier to use than other types of touch screens because they use infra red technology to control the display so almost no pressure is needed to touch the screen.

E-Ink – These displays are designed to mimic the appearance of regular ink thereby causing less strain on your eyes whilst you are reading and deliver great readability. As E-Ink displays use no back-lighting, this allows them even to be used in bright sunlight so you have the convenience of taking thousands of books with you anywhere.

Screen Size

Most e-Ink displays are 6 inches. For regular book reading, this screen size is very adequate.

If you want to read Magazines, Newspaper or PDF files, then you will probably want a large screen eBook Reader such as the Kindle DX. Small screens aren’t recommended for this purpose because you’d have to spend a lot of time navigating through pages. 9+ inch sized displays make reading these types of documents far more satisfactory.

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