How to Install Plantation Shutters

Plantation خرید کرکره برقی در تهران instantly bring an element of sophistication and class into any home, and they are fortunately a very easy do-it-yourself project. Almost anyone can install their own plantation shutters with the right tools and some basic handy-man know-how.

Gather Your Tools

Before you can begin to install your plantation shutters, you will have to have the right tools available. You should find most of these tools readily available in a basic tool kit. To mark the precise locations for your shutters, you will need a pencil and a metal tape measure. To make sure those locations are accurate (and to hang the shutters with ease), you will need a wood shim, which is a thin piece of evenly cut wood used for spacing, and a level. To hang the shutters, you will need a drill and a screwdriver. Usually, these are both a part of an electric drill’s basic package, but check to make sure you have the right sized drill head and the proper screwdriver head before you begin.

Proper Placement

The success and beauty of your plantation shutters ultimately relies on their being placed properly before installation. If you do not set up your installation correctly, your finished shutters will not look completely right and will require re-hanging. Start your process by placing your wood shim on the top of your windowsill. The shim helps to support your shutters while you are marking their proper locations, keeps them in place while you are installing them, and ensures that your shutters are all evenly distanced from the windowsill. Take the entire set of shutters for the window and place them on top of your window shim. Line them up with your window the way you would like them to appear, and then check to be certain they are level. Use the guide holes to mark where you will need to drill.


Once your drill guides are marked, remove the shutters and drill the appropriate holes. Your shutters will have come with wood anchors which you will now need to install into your drill holes to ensure that they can withstand the weight of the shutters. Insert the anchors, then return the shutters to the wood shim. Line the shutters up with the holes and their anchors, then screw them into place. Matching screw covers will polish the overall look of your shutters, so consider using them to finish the job.

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