How to Publish a Book in Canada

Though the un curso de milagros pdf is specifically for Canadian authors, writers from any country will gain insight from this book. Kim Staflund has written a very useful book about how to become a successful published author.

Staflund gives detailed information to help budding authors take concrete steps to become a published author. She explains the different ways that authors can get their books published, ranging from traditional print publishing to e-books. She notes how writers can use traditional media and social media to promote their books, from YouTube videos to partnering with retail stores to sell books.

Staflund has extensive expertise as a book publisher and founder of Polished Publishing Group… She especially gives useful advice about how writers need to be entrepreneurial authors. Staflund tells writers to think about the business side of publishing a book as much as the creative side of writing a book. She writes in a straightforward manner about the financial aspects of publishing, like the cost of self-publishing and how to price their books for sale. Staflund simplifies the sometimes complicated world of Canadian copyright law to help writers protect their creations.

Though Staflund gives strategic advice about the economics of publishing, she also gives encouraging counsel to writers about their creativity. She has practical notes about how to beat writer’s block, maintain creative control of their books, and how authors can withstand criticism of their work. Staflund especially has beneficial advice about how authors can connect with each other online to support each other in their book publishing efforts, like on Polished Publishing Group writer forums.

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