Man’s Greatest Friend, Horror Movies

Many people like horror films. There is no answer as to why people want to be scared and watch a movie that will make them scream spiritual movies it is because of the fantastic fascination with the feeling of fear.

So what really does a horror movie great? Well let us see. A great horror movie has to, at some point draw the audience in enough to surprise them with something scary. Now being able to draw an audiences attention to a movie is sometimes very hard these days, but if you really study what makes people want more, there should be no problem.

Something else to remember about a great horror film is to never bore the audience. Many people will, at the moment of boredom, leave the movies and demand their money back. This may be shocking to some, but it is actually the normal thing if people feel that they have wasted their money on a boring movie.

Some of the greatest subjects of the horror movie world are vampires. Vampires captivate us all and leave you in a dream state. While some vampires may be handsome or beautiful, you still get the same end result with them all, the turn to evil and the fear that one may be right behind you. Just thinking about it can send chills up and down your spine.

Werewolves, like vampires, are another one of those horror movie challenges that can literally make a person go screaming out of the movie theater. Many people have gone as far as to say that they have been so scared by werewolf movies that they have to on guard everywhere they go. And these are not kids claiming this, these are adults.

Now you might ask what could make horror movies scarier than the ones that are about vampires or werewolves. Well, try the movies that are about mans best friend. That is right, dogs. These movies scare you because of the fact that you can picture your own dog as the dog on film. That is scary enough to think about.

So many people have a major fear, not only of things they can see, but of the things they cannot. It is easy to displace a fear about something that is physically in front of you, but what about what you cannot see. This is where our next subjects come into play. Ghosts are one of the longest running terror subjects of the horror movie universe. Almost everyone has an opinion about ghosts and the struggle with believing they are real. It is the simple fact that they do not know what to believe that makes the fear come alive in people. When you see them in the movies it is very hard not to get scared.

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