Paid Surveys – Online Scam Or Real Opportunity

What are paid surveys online Report Scam and get your money back or real? The truth is there are so many different opinions on the internet that it is hard to know where the truth is. On one hand you have those who believe they are a scam and on the other you have those who swear by them as the best work from home job available. But which is it – Paid surveys online scam or real? Read on.

Paid surveys are actually a legitimate way to make money at home but why then do so many claim they are a scam? Truthfully I think the vast majority of those that claim paid surveys are a scam have never actually tried to make money from them but as is the way of the world today they choose to believe nothing could be that simple so they just label them as a scam in other words they’ve jumped to there own conclusions without actually knowing the facts.

Of the rest that label paid surveys a scam they will fall into one of two, those who have been unfortunate and fallen for one of the actual paid surveys scams that exist or those that didn’t make a thousand dollars in a week. For the former it is unfortunate they will lose out on a great way to make money because of one bad experience but sadly it does happen but for those that label them scams because they didn’t make there fortunes on them in a week or two are simply idiots. Paid surveys are a great way to make money but they aren’t a magic potion like some expect.

As with anything in life the more time and effort you put in the more you will get out of something. Do I think paid surveys online are the best work from home job around? To me personally I’d have to say no but they are the easiest and unlike envelope stuffing, home assembly and type at home jobs they aren’t a complete scam and waste of time.

Many wonder why you can get paid simply for giving your opinion so for those that wonder here is the reason. Market research companies rely on consumers opinions for the marketing of there products and surveys are a way of getting this information. Billions of dollars a year are spent on this kind of research but it is only recently it has become so lucrative on the internet.

Surveys used to collected by people standing in shopping malls asking for a minute of your time, by people going door to door doing the same, by post and by phone but since the popularity of the internet went into orbit market research companies realized it was faster and cheaper to get the information using the internet. They soon realized they also needed to offer incentives to get consumers to take part thus the birth of paid surveys online.

Now you know they exist how do you find them and avoid the scams? I’d recommend a paid surveys directory. The survey companies themselves are free to join but they are hard to find so for a small fee you can access a huge list of companies that offer paid surveys. It is far simpler and less time consuming then doing it yourself. There are free directories available but because there list are small and the companies they have pay next to nothing it is virtually a waste of time.

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