Search Boxes

One of my pet peeves is webmasters which make it difficult for me to use
their site. I mean, I’m there, looking at a page and I just cannot find what
I want. I look everywhere for navigation, and what I want to find just
doesn’t seem to be 먹튀. That’s not necessarily a problem, as everything
cannot be always be handled by the navigation menus.

Okay, what’s the next thing I’m going to look for? A search box, a site map
or some other, more general way to find the information that
I need. Site maps can be difficult to maintain unless they are very general
(which, in turn, makes them less useful). Search boxes, on
the other hand, require no care and feeding at all once you’ve got them
installed (although you should spend some time tuning them to make them even
more useful).

Each of these services has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but all of
them work basically the same. My recommendation is to try
out all three services using their free versions to determine exactly which
one is the best for your needs. Then go ahead and purchase the paid version
for the correct fit.

How does this all work? Well, once you sign you for an account you supply
the URL for your web site. You then define a template for the
results page, or you can use one of the basic templates that each service
provides. All three services allow you to define a template (in advanced
mode) which looks exactly like your site. You then define any special
parameters such as pages to exclude, usernames
and passwords for protected pages and so on. Once that’s done, you install
the search code on each of your web pages, then tell the search utility to
spider your site.

It’s as simple as that. I fully tested each of the three search companies in
about an eight hour day before finally settling on the one that best met the
requirements of my site.

Okay, so let’s say you now have chosen a search function for your site,
you’ve created the perfect template and you’ve got your HTML code. What else
do you need to do?

– Put the search box in a very prominent spot on your site. The upper
left-hand corner is by far the most visible location, and it’s a great
choice. Make sure that it is at least “above the fold”.

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