Staying Cool in the Desert Summer

Some states have harsh winters in which residents must prepare to stay warm during bitter cold snow storms. Not so in Arizona, the “sunshine state”. Instead, we must endure the brutal heat of six months of summer, with temperatures excursion marrakech merzouga. Those who live in parts of the country that have harsh winters learn how to adapt so they can continue to function and thrive during such difficult weather conditions. Surviving the harsh summer heat of the desert poses threats to our survival and quality of life as well. It takes preparation and adapting to a certain way of life in order to survive and thrive in the desert.

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate desert life with all its challenges and wild beauty. One must prepare in order to truly enjoy its splendor. There are several ways to prepare for living in and enjoying desert life during the summer months. Some people go on vacations while others adapt and adjust. Here are a few things we southern Arizonans do to keep ourselves comfortable, healthy and safe in our beloved, wild desert communities:

1. Hydration is essential in order to survive. Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day. With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees daily for several months at a time, drinking enough water is absolutely necessary in order to survive. Heat stroke is a serious health risk that people die from every year. Be aware of the symptoms and the cures if you or a loved one gets dehydrated! The best cure is prevention. Drink water every day, all day!

2. Air conditioning is a life saver in our homes and cars and any shelter really! We also use evaporative coolers-affectionately referred to as “swamp coolers” by us desert dwellers. Even though our bodies adapt to hotter temperatures, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for days on end we need to be able to cool things off a bit, in order to live a decent quality of life. Air conditioners and swamp coolers help us tolerate the harsh summer heat.

3. We adjust our outdoor activities to coincide with the cooler times of the day. When the hot summer months taunt and tease us we must adapt our lifestyles in order to function. Desert people tend to wake up earlier during the summer months and get outdoor activities done before the day heats up. Some people may use their evenings as well to be outside. Spending time on our patios in the cooler morning hours and using the evenings to visit with friends for back yard barbeques and social hours are some of the ways we adapt and adjust to desert summer living.

4. Swimming pools and spas are also quite popular in desert communities for obvious reasons. There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating after a very hot long day in the desert summer heat than to take a dip in the pool in order to cool off! Pools and spas are life savers in the desert!

5. Spending time enjoying the wild life, desert flora and breath taking sunsets are just some of the reasons so many people are drawn to the unique and wild beauty of the desert. That is why so many desert dwellers put so much time, effort and money into their patios, yards and homes. The pace of life is slower and the attitude more laid back in the desert. So, people take time to enjoy their homes, yards and patios.

6. Staying inside during the heat of the day is probably the simplest and most common strategy for beating the heat. After we have spent the early morning hours doing our outdoor activities and chores, then the rest of the day we hibernate inside to work, live, play and visit in order to protect ourselves from overexposure to the harsh summer heat.

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