Tower Lease: What Is a Property Owner’s Bargaining Power

In Desktop Tower Defense we have exactly Ithum 73 that we can choose from, from very cheap to very expensive one, in this guide I will go through each one of them and basically tell you a little bit about each tower so you basically understand it and do better use of it..

1. Pellet Tower – Or what I call the maze tower or the cheap tower, basically it is one of the cheapest towers in the game and it plays a good role at the start of the game and creating maze. Good thing about this cheap tower is that, it can attack both Air and Ground units, so at the very start of the game you basically dont have to build Swarm Tower ” air attacking tower” because these cheap Pellet Towers pwn first 2 waves of planes. Lastly, with final upgrade these cheap Pellet Towers become Sniper Towers, and they basically 1 hit kill almost any creep.

Cost= 5 Gold

2. Squirt Tower – This tower is basically one of the best towers available in the game, its cheap and its super effective, it fires super fast. In addition to that, Squirt Towers can attack both air and ground units, which in itself is very cost effective, and once you upgrade this Tower it becomes SUPER STRONG, they fire super fast and they kill almost every creep.

Cost= 15 Gold

3. Dart Tower – Or you can call them Tank Towers ha ha ha, well they do look like a Tank to me, but anyways lets get to the business. Dart Tower is slow but it damages an area on the ground when it fires, they can be a good tower when mixed with others but I dont recommend building lots of them as they can only attak ground units.

Cost= 20 Gold

4. Swarm Tower – These towers can only attak air units thats all, I would recommend maybe 4-5 of them in the center of your maze maybe upgrade them 3 levels or 4 so that they can kill flying units faster as units gets stronger and stronger with every wave. Don’t spam them all around as it wont do any good, like I said have 4 of them around the maze basically around the center so that no flying unit gets away.

Cost= 50 Gold

5. Frost Tower – This tower basically owns, very cheap to upgrade and good thing abou Frost tower is that it slows down the creeps that way other towers get more time to kill them and as Frost Tower does damage to multiple units, once they are slowed down it can damage all the units around the area and you can kill the creeps faster. It becomes Blizzard Tower at the last upgrade and it basically becomes a backbone like Squirt Tower, because it gives you more time specially if you are Juggling around.

Cost= 50 Gold

6. Bash Tower = You can call it Bombard Tower, not only it does good damage but it can also stuns the units.. which again gives more time for your other towers to kill the unit. Very strong tower versus ground units and if you have a maze where units of to keep moving around a specific area you can build 4-5 of them and upgrade them and watch the action, they do very good damage and you should always include them in your maze and upgrade them as they do more and more damage and higher chances of stunning the unit for longer time once you upgrade them…

Cost= 100 Gold

7. Ink Tower – Kinda weird name but basically it shoots kinda ink over the ground and when a creep goes over it they get damaged, I have used the tower few times but I have yet to find a good use of it, it doesn’t play a significant role in the game like many of the other towers, but you can always give it a try and see how it goes for you.

Cost= 75 Gold

8. Snap Tower – This tower only fires once and damages an area around it. Thats all I know about this tower to be honest, I have not used it even once, so I have no idea if it does any good, I guess it does but I gotta still see a maze with good use of this tower.

Cost= 50 Gold

9. Boost Tower – Last but not least we have this GREAT Boost Tower, I love this tower, basically you can have one of them between 5-6 other towers and this tower can boost power of all of them. This tower basically adds additional damage to all the other towers around it. I highly recommend this tower between your other towers because it pwns..

Cost= 100 Gold

Here is a small peek at one of the towers fully detailed information. Visit my blog Desktop Tower Defense Strategy


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