Washer Dryer Pedestal Stands – A Concealed Cost of the Machine

If busbar bending machine, I’m sure you’ve discovered all of the beautiful, sleek new front loading washers and dryers, huh? The cost for these glossy machines is defended by their makers by claiming high energy savings and more effective laundry methods. The recent front loaders are certainly efficient and can carry out the job of the old top loaders in about half the time. There is one tiny problem though. You must bend way over to both fill and unload these appliances. If you have a bad back or you wear out easily, this can be a most impressive difficulty.

If not, you still may get very weary of the continual bending process while doing a hefty load of laundry in one day’s time. The people who produce these devices are very well versed with this problem, for sure. They probably designed this flaw into the whole procedure in order to squeeze a few more bucks out of the consumer. Why? It’s a little merchandising plan that gouges some added revenue out of the transaction by offering an costly, but frequently essential item.

That item is the under-machine pedestal stand that elevates the front loading washer or dryer up to a height that is a lot more comfortable to work with. It keeps the piece of equipment off of the ground and makes it a lot easier for you to bend over and enter or take out your washing items.

However, that simple-to-make, made-of-thin-sheet-metal (with braces) chunk of apparatus will cost you an extra $80 to $350. That’s right, it is NOT included in the original cost of the washer or the dryer. The majority retailers don’t trouble to inform you about that until you’re about to pay for the machine at the counter or wherever you happen to be while pulling out your billfold. The bulk of people, though a bit taken aback, just go ahead and add it to the acquisition cost. It’s a good trick for hitting the consumer in the pocketbook yet again.

The makers of these washing machine dryer pedestals already have their machinery set up to assemble these items in short order. The accurate cost to manufacture them is a secret to all but industry insiders but one ponders why they’re so costly.

Many of the pedestal stands have a drawer in them that can be put to use for storage space. These are the more expensive ones. The more affordable pedestal stands are just three or four pieces of sheet metal, painted to go with the washing machine and dryers, and bolted together to give it sufficient strength to hold up the machine. They are unquestionably useful and for anyone who has had to bend over numerous times, removing and adding in laundry, they could be worth the cost. That’s what the makers are relying on.

The truth of the matter is that one can in fact make one of these pedestal stands out of wood 2x4s and some thin plywood for about $25-$35. If a person has a bit of do-it-yourself skill, they can even construct a drawer into the platform for about another $10. A couple of cans of spray paint that approximately match the appliance and a perfectly pleasant, useful washer dryer pedestal (that is in fact much stronger than the metal ones) can be set up in a few hours and a lot of money saved.

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